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N.B. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page before downloading and using this software. Thanks!

Unofficial firmware downloads:
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v3.10 »MUFASA« build #11438 (source included)
N.B. This is the latest release. The included in-system flash updater supports all known previous v1.0X, v2.0X (non-beta), and v3.XX (with a lower build number) firmware versions, and all known SNES PowerPak hardware revisions (revD, revE, revH with either an AT29C010A or an SST39SF010A type of flash ROM chip).
View latest/WIP changes on GitHub

With this unofficial firmware for the SNES PowerPak, you can enjoy the following advantages over the stock v1.0X software:

  • A more stable user interface with more intuitive joypad button mapping, on-screen button hints, and (where appropriate) context-sensitive help.
  • Better performance thanks to a unified software design that takes advantage of the SNES CPU's 16-bit capabilities.
  • Up to 56 characters per file name are displayed in the file browser thanks to the SNES's horizontal hi-res mode. (Up to 123 file name characters are actually compared when trying to auto-match an SRM file to a chosen ROM, and stored into the LASTGAME.LOG file.)
  • ROM mapping is more interactive in special cases. This allows you to load and play most beta/prototype ROMs without having to hex-edit their – often non-existent – internal headers first.
  • The SPC player actually works. ;-) It presents itself to you as a "window" overlay onto the file browser, has a timer-based auto-play feature for convenience, and takes you right back to where you were once you decide to quit listening.
  • A settings menu allows you to reconfigure your PowerPak at any time, completely without the hassle of editing files on the CF card using a computer.
  • Full theme support, i.e. with a bit of skill and effort, you can easily customize the UI to your very own liking. Or, just resort to using any of the themes bundled within this release package. :-D
  • In-system update flashing.
  • Tons of bugs and glitches found in the stock firmware have been fixed or worked around for the most stable, reliable, and convenient user experience possible.
  • Optionally randomize all SNES RAM content before booting a game ROM (an especially handy feature for SNES homebrew developers).
  • ... and more! :-)

(coming soon)

Installing the firmware does not require an external programming device. It does, however, require nerves of steel. ;-) If anything goes wrong during flashing, you might end up not with an updated PowerPak, but with a rather expensive paperweight (unless you find someone with the skill to fix it for you). Please keep in mind that just so much as a power failure is enough to potentially ruin your cart!

If you still feel confident, here's how to proceed:

  1. Determine the current version of your firmware. You'll see the version number once you power up your SNES PowerPak. If it says, "Boot ROM v1.0X" (where X can be any number), then you have a version 1 firmware. If you spot the word "SIMBA" anywhere on the screen, then you have a version 2 firmware. Likewise, "MUFASA" denotes a version 3.
  2. Copy the contents of < this release's archive root >/src/out/POWERPAK (sans the SAVES subfolder) to the POWERPAK directory on your CF card, replacing any existing file(s) (e.g., TOPLEVEL.BIT).
  3. If you already have an older "MUFASA" build installed, go to step 5. Otherwise, browse to the /POWERPAK folder on your CF card, and delete SI.MAP. Then, rename the SIvX.MAP file that matches your installed firmware number from step 1 (i.e., SIv1.MAP for a version 1 firmware, and SIv2.MAP for a version 2 firmware) to SI.MAP. Proceed with step 4.
  4. Power on your SNES PowerPak, and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, go to step 6.
  5. Power on your SNES PowerPak, go to the settings menu, and choose "Check for firmware update." From there, follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. After the upgrade procedure has completed successfully, power-cycle your SNES for good measure. Also, you can now safely delete all *.TXT and *.MAP files from the /POWERPAK folder on your CF card.

Good luck ... and have fun! :-D

Older releases:
N.B. Don't use these anymore. They are listed here for archival purposes only.
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v3.00 build #11331 (source included)
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v3.00 build #11310 (source included)
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v2.02 (source included)
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v2.01 (source included)
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v2.00 (source included)
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v2.00-beta2 (source included)
Download SNES PowerPak firmware v2.00-beta1 (source included)

This software is freeware. It is provided as is and without express or implied warranty of any kind. Despite thorough testing, this software is not guaranteed to be bug-free. There might even be critical issues in this software which could at worst corrupt data on your CF card, render your SNES PowerPak useless, and/or damage your SNES control deck as well as any accessory connected to it (like joypads, your TV set, etc.).

The developer, ManuLöwe, will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, injuries, and/or legal consequences directly or indirectly caused by this software and/or the documents accompanying it, which you agree upon by downloading, installing and using this software.

This being unofficial software, you will definitely void the five-year replacement warranty granted by the manufacturer of your SNES PowerPak!

Lastly, all trademarks mentioned on this page are the property of their respective owners. ManuLöwe is not affiliated in any way with The Retrozone / RetroUSB or Nintendo.

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