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Happy Halloween!

I have something for you to celebrate. :-D

Download Unofficial SNES PowerPak firmware v2.02 (source included)

As with the previous releases, just copy the contents of the "POWERPAK" directory from the archive root onto your CF card, power on your SNES, and you'll be prompted to update. :-) Make sure that you have v2.00 (non-beta) or v2.01 already installed if you want to do an easy upgrade using the in-system flasher. In case you need any of the previous versions, grab it from the SNES PowerPak firmware page.

Happy PowerPak gaming! 8-)


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Doug am :

Doug Love the work you have done, Looks amazing now! Is there any chance of extra features being added? Would love a pro action replay code section, as there seemed to be alot more codes then the game genies.

ManuLöwe am :

ManuLöwe Hey, Doug,

thanks a lot for your feedback. :-)

Unfortunately, Action Replay codes aren't likely going to happen as this would require deeper insight into the PowerPak hardware than I have right now -- and possibly, even new hardware altogether. This is because GG codes simply patch ROM sections while ARP's typical 7EXXXXXX codes work by manually overwriting RAM areas each frame using special trickery.

Thanks again!

Tommy am :

Tommy Sehr geil - danke! :-)

Troy am :

Troy Hi there!

I think I found a small bug in the latest firmware release. I believe you accidentally deleted part of the loading of the directory name to find the mapper on line 658 of It skips over loading up the second P in POWERPAK and I believe this causes a failure when looking for the mappers.

Thanks for the great work!

ManuLöwe am :

ManuLöwe Thank you too! :-)

Actually, the second P isn't missing -- have a look at line 646. ;-) I moved it up there to be able to skip another lda #'P', thus saving a few master cycles. Had I indeed deleted it instead, then nothing would work anymore at all in v2.02. :-P

Troy am :

Troy Ah yes thanks for pointing that out! It's been too long since I've looked at ASM and didn't even see that. :-)

Although the reason I was even looking in the first place is that when I try to load a ROM I get can't find mapper SA.MAP after loading 2.02. It appears that my old POWERPAK dir (a combination of the original SNES and NES files) was causing a conflict and it would have problems finding your new mapper files. Once I cleaned it out and started fresh with just the 2.02 files everything worked great.

Eidis am :

Eidis Thank you for you hard work and efforts in supporting the SNES PowerPak. Would it be possible to make the SPC player jump to next and previous file using shoulder buttons ? I also noticed a strange bug while using Kingston 4GB CF card. Upon swithing on SNES I am greeted with "Error $D0 - CF card busy" which goes away after pressing the reset button two times. The directory listing shows up and everything loads and runs fine. This happens every time the SNES is switched on. Could it be remedied with a firmware update or is this inherent to the hardware design ? Thank you once again and keep up the good work !

ManuLöwe am :

ManuLöwe Hi,

thank you for your feedback! :-)

Have you tried checking your CF card for FAT errors? Also, try reformatting your CF card and then copying the POWERPAK folder on it before anything else. (This is assuming the card did work without the error at some point.)

The SPC player will receive yet another overhaul in the not too distant future. :-)

Thanks again!

Eidis am :

Eidis Thank you for a quick reply. The Kingston CF card has behaved that way since the begining and the error shows up even if it is freshly formatted and only contains the POWERPAK directory. Could it be that the PowerPak tries to access it too soon ? Best of luck with the latest and greatest firmware and keep up the good work !

ManuLöwe am :

ManuLöwe Hi, Eidis,

hmm, that's strange. The PowerPak has been known for being picky about certain CF types/brands, so if you have another card available, try and see if the error persists.

It might be possible to work around this on the software side, but I can't say for sure.


Bungle am :

Bungle I am having the same problem as Eidis - getting "Error $D0 - CF card busy" when first powering on, but after pressing reset once it loads fine. Same CF card, Kingston 4GB.

Same error whether I use the SNES PowerPak in the Super Nintendo or the Retron 3.

Eidis am :

Eidis Dear ManuLöwe,

Thank you once again for your hard work and efforts in supporting the SNES PowerPak. I noticed your blog at where you told that the FPGA is only 60% full and asked for inspiration about potential new features in the upcoming firmware. There is a KKFOS Save States Mappers project for the NES PowerPak which has some very nice features.
Would it be possible to add in game reset, configurable auto fire buttons and save state features ? Thank you in advance, merry christmas and keep up the good work !

Yours sincerely,

hally am :

hally Dear ManuLöwe,

I love Unofficial SNES PowerPak. It truly revived my PowerPak's fun once again! Thanks a lot for your great effort.

I especially like the SPC player which is much better than the original PowerPak's one. The sound is almost ideal for me, except one notable difference I encounters often: In some songs the player omits the first note of a certain part, which is played without problem on sound emulators... The SPC sets of The Legend of Mystical Ninja might be a good example. You'll hear first notes missing in many tunes (01, 05, 11, 13, 17...) Please listen to the set:

Could you please fix that? Thanks for your reading!

hally am :

hally Hi,

Sorry for my frequent post.

I treied the following SPC player on your PowerPAK, and it works pretty fine without any troubles:

I hope somewhat it helps...

My consloe is Japanese Super Famicom with 1/1/1 chip set btw.


ManuLöwe am :

ManuLöwe Hi, hally,

thanks for reporting the issues you encountered. :-)

I'm aware of some remaining SPC player issues (e.g., many SquareSoft SPC sets only play with sound artifacts at the beginning of a song) but unfortunately can't promise to be able to fix them all. I'll try my best though. :-)

Thanks again,

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